Services and Programs


If you are interested in participating in one of the Center’s activities, you should contact the activity leader of the group to see when the activity meets and if individual instruction can be arranged. The staff makes a concerted effort to offer lessons in special activities such as billiards, golf, bridge, painting and adult education topics. Many areas of adult interest/instruction are listed on the “sign-up” sheets and also publicized in the Staying Young News. Instruction in some activities is offered on site during the normal weekly activity. Cost to participate is minimal. Sign-up sheets are on the activity counter in the library/lounge area or in the Center’s office. Members should watch the Staying Young News for announcement of proposed classes.  


Canyon Lake Activity Center primarily utilizes IBM-compatible personal computers. Office staff and other volunteers who utilize the computers are often available to assist you.   Computer classes and private tutoring are offered to seniors for a nominal fee. Such instruction is offered to help seniors learn how to utilize computer technology.   Computer literate volunteers are always more than welcome to offer their expertise in carrying out the administration of Center, in helping with the Staying Young News, in typing policies/procedures, inputting accounting and membership data and doing other word processing, data base and spreadsheet tasks.  


An activity counter located at the front of the library/lounge is utilized for sign-up sheets for all manner of activities that require advanced scheduling and/or volunteers. Members are encouraged to visit this area frequently. Notification of member illness, hospitalization, accident or death should be directed to the front office so that appropriate cards can be placed for member signatures and subsequent mail-out.  


The Center offers lunch at the Center for members and friends.  Good food and affordable prices. 


The Center serves as an AARP site for income tax assistance to the elderly and low income during the months of February through April 15. This non-charge service is sponsored by AARP utilizing tax-trained counselors who provide basic filing information, e-filing, and general assistance in the completion of tax returns either by hand or computer-assisted.  


The Center has a variety of scheduled health programs which are conducted and include “wellness” clinics (which offer blood pressure, blood sugar, and oxygen checks) and a foot clinic (which offers basic foot care at a nominal fee). Several healthy lifestyle seminars are scheduled throughout the year which includes guidelines relative to aging issues such as diabetes, physical therapy, back pain, etc.