500 CARDS: The group meets every Thursday at 11 A.M. in the annex. Generally there are 6 to 9 tables. Six games are played each afternoon.

BINGO: Center sponsored bingo games are held every Friday from 1 – 3 P.M. in the dining room and are open to the public. There are 20 games each afternoon. Popcorn is available and a break is taken mid-afternoon for snacks and coffee. Callers and card sellers are volunteers from the Center.

CARD PLAYING: All participants pay a nominal fee to play or may show their activity card. Breaks are taken midway for refreshments. Members need to check the monthly calendar to confirm time and location.

CRIBBAGE: The cribbage group meets every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. in the card room. There are usually 12 to 20 players, with plenty of room for new participants.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE: The duplicate bridge group meets on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 12:30 PM. in the card room. The group welcomes new players. They are not a teaching group; therefore, anyone who wishes to play should have had some experience and knowledge of the game. A few basic rules apply as follows:

1. Anyone wishing to play should have arranged for a partner before play begins.

2. Bridge rules as set down in “ACBL” are followed.

3. Routinely partners are changed to enhance the sociability of the game and to give everyone a chance to win at some point in time.

BRIDGE: Classes, Intermediate and Party Bridge also meet on a regular basis.

HAND AND FOOT: Meets every Monday afternoon at 1 P.M. in the card room.

MAHJONG: This is a game of skill coupled with wit and good fortune. It originated in China, and dates so far back into ancient times, that it is said even Confucius enjoyed a variation of this intriguing game. It is played with tiles, 152 plus four as jokers, and they are arranged in a wall formation. A player draws a hand from the wall and the play begins. It is just draw and discard, with a book as a guide to the hands that will win you a mahjong. It is a wonderful game, we play every Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the annex and if you wish to learn, we will teach you. You do not need a partner. We can play mahjong with three, four or more players. We would be delighted to have you join us.

PINOCHLE: The Pinochle group meets on Monday and Friday nights at 1:00 P.M., in the card room. The play is with a single deck.

WHIST: This is another exciting card game for everyone to enjoy. If you want to learn, I recommend you come at 12:00 noon and when enough players come, they can help teach you for an hour a week or until you feel you know the game well enough to play with us. It is a nice and fun group to play with. For new members, the first 3 times of play are free. Then like all other activities it costs $3.00 for the Center and we ask .25 cents for coffee & a dessert which each player takes a turn in bringing. It is great for socializing too!