A Place to Stay Young and Active

Canyon Lake Senior Center

Facility Information

The Center currently operates out of two buildings. The main building houses the staff offices, library/lounge area, dining area, card room, computer room, pool/billiard room, Viking Hall (ballroom/stage/volleyball/badminton/shuffleboard area), kitchen and warehouse. The upper level houses an indoor recreation area with exercise equipment (exer-cycles, table tennis/rowing machines/golf driving net, etc.). The annex building has a ceramics area and small rooms used for classes, card playing and houses the rug loom, sewing machines, and the newspaper office. Our bookkeeping office is also in the annex. Garden spaces are located on the Center's property.

CENTER LIBRARY: The Center maintains, with the help of volunteers, a very good library of donated videos, puzzles, hard and paperback books including some large print volumes, and current magazines. If you have books or videos to donate (no textbooks), please drop them off at the Center's office. Printed material on subjects of interest to senior citizens, includes health, insurance, specific illnesses, government regulations and programs, tax information and travel literature and are also located in the library area. The Center maintains a sign-out ledger for videos. Members are encouraged to visit and use the library. The books, videos and magazines are available just for the lending and returning.

BULLETIN BOARDS: Bulletin boards with various information are located in the main building. Members are asked to leave the article or information notice to be posted at the office desk. All articles and advertisements are to be reviewed by the Director, prior to actual posting.

ACTIVITY SIGN-UP AREA IN LIBRARY LOUNGE: An activity counter located at the back of the library/lounge is utilized for sign-up sheets for all manner of activities that require advanced scheduling and/or volunteers. Members are encouraged to visit this area frequently. Notification of member illness, hospitalization, accident or death should be directed to the front office so that appropriate cards can be placed for member signatures and subsequent mail-out.

KITCHEN FACILITIES: The kitchen has some new appliances and cabinets. The kitchen is available to facility and member use for serving, snack preparation, Center potlucks, pancake suppers, chicken noodle dinners, holiday dinners, etc. For Center potlucks, members bring their own silverware and plates. Additional freezers, refrigerators and locked storage space are located in the warehouse. Coffee is available at the kitchen serving window Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.. Soft drink dispensers are located in the main room and in the library/lounge area. There is a commercial popcorn machine which is used for Friday afternoon bingo games and at other times upon request. There is no charge for the popcorn on Fridays.

MEALS AT THE CENTER: The Center offers lunch at the Center for members and friends.  Good food and affordable prices.

USE OF CENTER FACILITIES: When not utilized by members for Center sponsored activities, the facilities are available for use on a reservation basis. There is a set fee schedule for the use of various equipment and areas. Such fees are used to off-set some of the expense of operating the facilities. This is a significant portion of the operational budget. There is a facility use contract and policy to guide staff and members who want to use the Center for their own private use (birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.). The Center is available on a first come, first serve basis with Center activities having first priority.

COPIER: The Center has a copier, its capabilities include enlarging and reducing. Paper size can be as large as 11 x 17 inches. Center members can use this machine for a minimal fee per copy.

TAX ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The Center serves as an AARP site for income tax assistance to the elderly and low income during the months of February through April 15. This non-charge service is sponsored by AARP utilizing tax-trained counselors who provide basic filing information, e-filing, and general assistance in the completion of tax returns either by hand or computer-assisted.

HEALTH AND HOME CARE EQUIPMENT: The Center has a variety of scheduled health programs which are conducted and include "wellness" clinics (which offer blood pressure, blood sugar, and oxygen checks) and a foot clinic (which offers basic foot care at a nominal fee). Several healthy life-style seminars are scheduled throughout the year which include guidelines relative to aging issues such as diabetes, physical therapy, back pain, etc. A limited amount of home care equipment for use by members is available on a temporary loan basis. This includes exer-cyle, wheel chairs, crutches, bathroom stool extenders, canes and walkers. If you have need for these items, check with the office staff. Use is on a donation basis.

PIANOS: The Center has pianos. Members are free to use these instruments when activities are not being conducted, in fact music is always welcomed at the Center.

VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER & TELEVISIONS: VCRs connected to televisions set are located at various sites in the Center. Members wanting to use them for programs are free to do so. Two TVs and a VCR are kept in the main building for programs presented to a large audience. These sets are not movable within the building.

COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS/COMPLAINTS: Open communication is a key to the operation of an effective and caring senior center. Comments, suggestions, complaints or information should be directed to the Director, President of the Board or one of the members of the Executive Board. A list of these officials and their telephone numbers is published in your monthey Senior News.

LESSONS/CLASSES :If you are interested in participating in one of the Center's activities, you should contact the activity leader of the group to see when the activity meets and if individual instruction can be arranged. The staff makes a concerted effort to offer lessons in special activities such as billiards, golf, bridge, painting and adult education topics. Many areas of adult interest/instruction are listed on the "sign-up" sheets and also publicized in the Senior Citizen News. Instruction in some activities is offered on site during the normal weekly activity. Cost to participate is minimal. Sign-up sheets are on the activity counter in the library/lounge area or in the Center's office. Normally ten participants must sign up ahead of time in order for a class to be presented. Members should watch the Senior Citizens News for announcement of proposed classes.

COMPUTER TRAINING: Canyon Lake Senior Citizens Center primarily utilizes IBM-compatible personal computers. Office staff and other volunteers who utilize the computers are often available to assist you.

Computer classes and private tutoring are offered to seniors for a nominal fee and require completion of an application form. Such instruction is offered to help seniors learn how to utilize computer technology.

Computer literate volunteers are always more than welcome to offer their expertise in carrying out the administration of Center, in typesetting the Senior Citizens News, in typing policies/procedures, in-putting accounting and membership data and doing other word processing, data base and spreadsheet tasks.