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  • Saturday Night Dances

I am Michael Garfield .. Director


Tai Chi

Line Dancing

I am Steph Gisi.


The Center offers....

  • A safe and comfortable location to meet with friends, exercise in our Fitness Area, play card games, read books, watch television, and dance on Saturday Nights.
  • Stay in their homes longer by encouraging and fostering independence.
  • Being able to participate in activities longer. We offer social opportunities, educational programs and e-series lectures, physical activity for cardio and muscular development, card games for brain activity, and enjoyment. (brain and physical stimulation)
  • Building relationships – social interaction through interactions (emotional relationships and connections)
  • Building friendships (emotional relationships and connections)
  • Gives people an opportunity to network with other groups/companies and members (Volunteerism and socializing)
  • Each member and the centers participation will help build a strong Rapid City community (Volunteerism and socializing)
  • The Center can taping into their skill sets, (self-awareness, individual value and feelings of worth)  
  • Utilizing our members life experiences to enhance our organization and to offer volunteer efforts with those experiences to other organizations. (self-awareness, individual value and feelings of worth)  

Fitness Area

A Place to Stay Young and Active

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Services and Opportunities

  • Individuals Membership
  • Business Memberships
  • Exercise Facilities 

Canyon Lake Activity Center provides opportunities for individuals in the community to meet and pursue mutual interests, receive educational and nutritional services, participate in social and recreational activities that will enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their continued involvement in and with the community. .

Canyon Lake Senior Center