A Place to Stay Young and Active

Canyon Lake Senior Center

Activity Descriptions

The Board of Directors has established a small activity fee system for participants in various activities. These fees help the Center support the physical plant (lights, heat, cleaning, upkeep,etc.). A nominal fee is required each session per day. Participants in more than one activity or daily in one activity, may find it less expensive to buy a monthly activity card. The card allows you to play pool, card games, participate in exercise, aerobics, etc. It cannot be used to play bingo or for the dances. Anyone who participates more than 16 times a month, will find the activity card is the less expensive way to go.

Bingo, Card Recycling, Painting, Pitch, Rug Looming
CARDS -   500 Cards, Cribbage, Bridge: (Duplicate, Beginning, Intermediate, Party Bridge), Hand & Foot, Pinochle, Pitch, Mah Jongg
Aerobics, Easy Tone Machines, Exercise, Exercise Equipment, Moderate Motion, T'ai ChI

OUTSIDE:  Hiking Group
NEWSPAPER:  Editors, Mail-out, Photography, Proofreading
Computer Room, Line Dancing, Pickle Ball, Pool/Billiards/Snooker, Table Tennis, Dances, Gardening, Library
Singing (Guys and Gals)

Times may vary for individual activities and groups. check the Online Calendar for times and dates.

500 CARDS: The group meets every Thursday at 11 A.M. in the annex. Generally there are 6 to 9 tables. Six games are played each afternoon.
AEROBICS: Aerobics meets each weekday morning from 8:30 - 9:30 A.M, in the upstairs area. The VCR/TV with video tapes is used for the routine. As one member puts it, "if you can walk, you can join us." The activity is a little more vigorous than the exercise group, so come dressed accordingly.
BADMINTON: This activity is as an active indoor sport and has been meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons at 2 P.M. prior to volleyball in Viking Hall.
BINGO: Center sponsored bingo games are held every Friday from 1 - 3 P.M. in the main room and are open to the public. There are 20 games each afternoon. Popcorn is available and a break is taken mid-afternoon for snacks and coffee. Callers and card sellers are volunteers from the Center.
CARD PLAYING: All participants pay a nomial fee to play or may show their activity card. Breaks are taken midway for refreshments. Members need to check the monthly calendar to confirm time and location.
CARD RECYCLING: A cheerful, fun-loving group meets every Thursday morning for a couple of hours. Free chit chat while cutting, pasting and decorating with sparkles and colored pens provides low-cost greeting cards for purchase at the display located at the Center's office. The group wishes to thank those who furnish the used cards and remind them to bring the whole card--everything but the envelope. New envelopes are supplied with every card purchased. This generates income for the Center and saves seniors money on their card purchases. Come and enjoy the fun and companionship.
CCCC: Coffee Conversation Concerning Center, with discussion and donuts. Everyone is welcome with ideas and solutions. Join us Wednesday’s at 10 a.m.
COMPUTER ROOM: The computer Room has five Windows XP computers that are connected to the Internet. These computers are available to CLSC members to use as an Activity - either by $1.00 per visit or the CLSC activity card may be used. Typical use is to search the Internet for information and read email. Microsoft Word 2000 is available for creating letters and other documents. If a member does not have an email account, the computer room volunteers can help them set up a free email account at places such as Yahoo.com or Google.com. An Introduction to Computers Course and individual tutoring is available. The Course consists of six two-hour sessions. Typically the class will have 3 to 5 students. Individual tutoring is done on an hourly basis. Application forms are available in the CLSC office and in the Computer room. Volunteers available to assist you are: Steve DiStasio, Bonnie Fingerhut, Frank Shaw, and Clint VanBlaricum. Stop by the Computer Room to use a computer as an activity or to chat about your computer wants/needs/problems/ etc. with the volunteers. Visitors are always welcome
CRIBBAGE: The cribbage group meets every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. in the card room. There are usually 12 to 20 players, with plenty of room for new participants.
DANCES: Dances are held at the Center on Saturday nights. Organizations, which sponsor these dances do so, on a rotation basis. Dances are open to the public and a nominal fee per person is charged. The Center also has contracts with various dance groups who provide dance instruction utilizing the Center's facilities.
DUPLICATE BRIDGE: The duplicate bridge group meets on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 12:30 PM. in the card room. The group welcomes new players. They are not a teaching group; therefore, anyone who wishes to play should have had some experience and knowledge of the game. A few basic rules apply as follows:

  1. Anyone wishing to play should have arranged for a partner before play begins.
  2. Bridge rules as set down in "ACBL" are followed.
  3. Routinely partners are changed to enhance the sociability of the game and to give everyone a chance to win at some point in time.
BRIDGE: Classes, Intermediate and Party Bridge also meet on a regular basis.
EXERCISE: "A Place to Stay Young" could well be the motto of Center members who meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for general exercise, in the Viking Hall. The exercises are done with simple props such as sawed off broomsticks and hand weights. The taped routine that is used, is neither aerobic nor weight-reducing but is designed to keep the body's many joints loose and limber...a must for senior citizens. It is approved for senior citizen use. The sessions begin at 8:30 A.M. and lasts for one hour. A break is taken midway, and there is always time for a joke or two. Come join the group, you'll be glad you did. Passive or active exercise equipment is also available for member use in the upstairs area. Introductory instruction is required prior to use of the automated equipment. Exercise bikes, treadmills, weight lift and rowing machines are also available in this area. The upstairs exercise area is also open on Saturdays, 9 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.
GARDENING: Members can rent one or two rows (50 feet each) for the season in a fenced garden area. Their responsibility is to plant, weed and harvest. Water is furnished through the watering system set up in the garden. Rows rent for a nominal fee/per season.
HAND AND FOOT: Meets every Monday afternoon at 1 P.M. in the card room.
LINE DANCING CLASSES: A fun activity/class is in line dancing which is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Check the calendar in the Senior News as to when the various line dancing classes are offered. New "beginning" line dance classes are started twice a year for first timers.
MAH JONGG: This is a game of skill coupled with wit and good fortune. It originated in China, and dates so far back into ancient times, that it is said even Confucius enjoyed a variation of this intriguing game. It is played with tiles, 152 plus four as jokers, and they are arranged in a wall formation. A player draws a hand from the wall and the play begins. It is just draw and discard, with a book as a guide to the hands that will win you a mah jongg. It is a wonderful game, we play every Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the annex and if you wish to learn, we will teach you. You do not need a partner. We can play mah jongg with three, four or more players. We would be delighted to have you join us.
PAINTING CLASS: CLSC Painting classes meet for 3 hours each week on Thursdays from 12 - 3 p.m. in the library lounge. You furnish your own supplies. You may choose oil or acrylic paints. To start, it will cost you about $35 to $40 in paint. brushes, and etc. Classes will be $5 plus the $1 activity fee or activity card.
PICKELBALL: This is a relatively new activity and has become one of our most popular sports. They meet three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 P.M. for 3 hours and Friday at 1 P.M. for 1 hour.
PINOCHLE: The Pinochle group meets on Monday and Friday nights at 1:00 P.M., in the card room. The play is with a single deck.
PITCH: Pitch players meet in the library at 1 P.M. on Thursdays.
POOL/SNOOKER: The Center has four regular pool tables and two snooker tables. The pool room is open from 8 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. week-days, as well on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. The Center has an ample supply of cue sticks. Ladies and men players are both welcome.
SINGING (JOYFUL GALS AND GUYS): If you love to sing, this is the group for you. It is good therapy and they have a lot of fun. Practice is held every Thursday at 10:00 AM. No practices are held during the summer months. This group provides entertainment at the nursing homes and other senior centers on Thursday afternoons.
TABLE TENNIS (Ping Pong): The Center has folding table tennis tables available which are set up on the second floor of the new addition. Equipment is available upstairs if you wish to play. This is one of the events in the Senior Olympics and you may practice at the Center anytime. Players meet Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 3:20 P.M.
T'AI CHI: Meets each Monday and Friday morning form 10 - 11 A.M. in the upstairs area. The VCR/TV with video tapes is used for the routines. As one member puts it, "it's like moving in slow motion." The activity is not a vigorous exercise, so come dressed accordingly.
WHIST: This is another exciting card game for everyone to enjoy. If you want to learn, I recommend you come at 12:00 noon and when enough players come, they can help teach you for an hour a week or until you feel you know the game well enough to play with us. It is a nice and fun group to play with. For new members, the first 3 times of play are free. Then like all other activities it costs .50 cents for the Center and we ask .25 cents for coffee & a dessert which each player takes a turn in bringing. It is great for socializing too!
WRITERS: This is a group interested in improving their literary writing skills. Critiquing and guidance is offered to participants. They are currently meeting Tuesdays at 1 P.M. in the annex.